Bike Hire Morzine

Looking to hire a bike in Morzine, like the idea of that bike being delivered to your accommodation and being set up perfectly for you?

Well look no further, for 2017 mtbbeds will have it's own rental bikes from Orange bikes, these will include the Orange 324's and the new Alpine 6. These bike are available exclusively to mtbbeds customers only and will be delivered to your holiday accommodation on the day you arrive.  

Simply let us know what dates and size bikes you need and we can get back to you with prices and availability. 

What Orange Say - Orange 324 - Redesigned to go faster, built stronger 

With a long line of World cup winning heritage behind it, the 324  is a downhill weapon of choice.

Using our experience with the 22X/32X series of downhill bikes, the 324 is the refined result of prototype feedback we’ve received from the team and plenty of the frame’s features redesigned. Most notably taking the chassis to the 27.5 inch wheel size.  

We’ve retained the through-the-downtube shock mount. This is a feature gives us the scope to place the single-pivot exactly where it needs to be in relation to the drive-train to achieve the kind of small bump performance and plush feel that most people would expect from much more complicated linkage and multi-pivot designs. In addition it means the frame’s 'shock curve' is a smooth ramp. This feature allows for easy shock set-up, something that should be simple but is often hampered by variable paths. With the 324 the suspension tuning is done with the suspension unit, keeping this simple is perfect for privateers who may not have a race support truck with a full-time shock technician for every track.

The 324 uses the split-rear triangle swingarm concept reducing weight and increases rigidity. 

Additionally we’ve added stability with the a wider 83mm bottom bracket and 150mm rear wheel spacing, minimised tortional twist which helps keep the rider on their line. 

One of the major advantages of designing for the 27.5 inch wheel size is that the bottom bracket is now lower than the axle path at rest. This head start gives the bike a much more dug in feel when pushing through turns while also keeping the centre of gravity low for high speed straight line stability.

So wait that’s a lot of work and more metal right? What’s the weight penalty. Well you might be surprised to hear that size for size the 324 frame comes up around 200g lighter than the 322.

It’s hard work keeping things simple, but we believe with the 324 we’ve built a downhill bike that will perform at the highest level, again and again and again with the minimum amount of maintenance and the maximum amount of time on the track.

Bike hire prices 

Duration Price
1 Day £75
2 Days £138
3 Days £207
4 Days £276
5 Days £345
6 Days £399
Extra day £50

Why Orange -

Frame designed and built in Britain

1 year racing warranty

Perfect Privateer racer - simple set-up, low maintenance

Designed for 27.5 inch wheels

Split Rear Swing arm – low weight, high rigidity

83 mm Bottom bracket Shell with ISCG 05 

150 mm rear axle spacing

Fox 40 Float Factory Kashima Fork 

Fox Float X2 Factory 240mm Shock

Hope Pro 4 DH + Race Face Arc 30 Wheelset 

Raced in 2016 World Cup Downhill by the Ride I.O. Team

Choose from 10 custom colours

What Orange say - Alpine 6 - Game changer

The Alpine 6 replaces the much loved Alpine 160 in our range. This new frame is the Alpine 160 re-engineered and we’ve revamped every aspect of the bike's performance.

The Alpine 6 is designed around 170mm front/160mm rear travel. We’ve slackened the head angle half a degree to keep the same alpine handling feel we love, yet make the most of the fork’s extra 10mm.

The compact rear end we debuted on the Four model makes its way to the Alpine 6, shortening the chainstay significantly by 9mm. The repositioned pivot also means that the whole rear triangle is more compact and more active. With the shock now effectively lowered in the chassis, the ramp-up effect is improved, and feedback from test riders has been nothing but positive. With even less flex in the rear, it's more active over small bumps and inspires confidence over the really rough stuff.

Even with the shortening of the rear triangle, other small changes in the frame construction mean that we retain a long and stable wheelbase along with the long top-tube/short stem model we love.

With neat finishing touches like internal cable routing, every element of the frame’s construction has been analysed and optimised, to the point that, size for size, the Alpine 6 frame is significantly lighter than its predecessor. 

While we have done everything we can to keep the Alpine 6 the same as the Alpine 160, everything has changed – and we think you’re going to love it.

Bike hire prices

Duration Price
1 Day £70
2 Days £130
3 Days £195
4 Days £260
5 Days £325
6 Days £375
Extra day £45

Why Orange -

Handbuilt in Britain

5 year frame warranty

Unique monocoque aluminium and tubing chassis

Single pivot suspension for the utmost performance, efficiency and reliability

27.5" tubeless ready wheelset

170mm Front/160mm rear travel

Fox 36 Factory Kashima 170mm Boost Fork

Fox Float X2 Factory Rear Shock

Alpine-trail honed geometry

Increased length toptube and wheelbase coupled to a shorter stem for high-speed stability

*NB - Description might not represent exact specification of bikes supplied.