Sponsors - Why we have them and what it means for our clients!

We think its very important that we provide our clients with the best MTB specific accommodation for mountain bikers in Morzine and to do that we need the best Sponsors to support our business and our clients. Over the past 3 years we have developed many relationships with the best brands in the MTB industry, these relationships have enabled us to provide the highest quality MTB products in all of our Morzine properties. See below for more info on each of our sponsors and how you as our clients will benefit from these products. 

Juice Lubes - http://www.juicelubes.co.uk

Juice Lubes make a premium range of bike cleaning and lubricating products, designed and tested in the UK in the harshest conditions and used by the worlds best Mountain Bikers means they are fit for a good thrashing out here in Morzine. 

Juice Lubes provide us with Viking Juice all weather chain lube, fork juice suspensions lubricant and dirt juice less gnarl bike cleaner. Every accommodation we have in Morzine will be provided with these three products in your secure garage FREE of charge. Mountain biking in Morzine is hard on your bikes and equipment so if we can help you keep those bikes clean and running fast your holiday to Morzine will be even better. 

Park Tool - www.parktool.com

ParkTool say their pledge is a simple one and that is to make the best tools and maintenance equipment possible for the Mountain bike industry, tested by top class MTB riders through out the world and supporting some of the fastest riders on two wheels Park Tool is proven to be the best. 

Park Tool provide us with mountain bike works stands, track pumps and cleaning brushes. When guests in other Morzine accommodations are flipping their bikes upside down on the floor you can simply clip yours into one of our stands and build away, need to pump those tyres up or even go tubeless we have professional MTB track pumps to make the job so simple, no more travel pumps and then cleaning brushes to get all the dirt off. Making your MTB holiday in Morzine easy is what we do! 


MarshGuard is a Morzine born and bread idea, invented by our good friend Jason Marsh, who some of you will also know as Greg Minnaar's mechanic. This little piece of MTB mud catching plastic is ingenious and perfect for the wet, sloppy, muddy condition that you will encounter whilst mountain biking in Morzine. They now also make slapper tape, socks, race number plates and many more amazing little products. 

MarshGuard provide us with a vast supply of these little plastic buggers for our team bikes and as a gift for each and every "RidersWeek" client that books our fully catered Mountain bike holiday package in Morzine. You can even choose from 26" or 27.5" and what colour you want. MTB innovation at its best starting in Morzine it's self.

Ti-Springs.com - www.ti-springs.com

Ti-Springs.com were the first company to offer affordable Ti Springs for Mountainb bikes, coming in at around £100 a pop for the basis Ti Spring and saving upto 300/400 grams on the bike weight on adverage they are the most cost effective weight saving MTB product you can buy. Ti-Springs now also make stem risers, pedals, bolts, 7 speed conversions kits and many more trick TI products to make your bike stand out. 

Ti-Springs provide us with many products for our bikes and products to offer our "RidersWeek" clients. The stem risers are very popular as Morzine's MTB trails are very steep so that added hight up front makes a huge difference. You can see above the quality of their pedals and shocks. We reccommend them highly. All MTBMorznebeds clinets also receive a 10% discount code for the Ti-Springs website, this is valid on all products.