Yellow Jersey - Bike and Travel insurance.

We have teamed up with Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance to offer you the best cover for your bicycle & travel needs at the best price! 

We have spent a long time searching for the right insurance provider for our bike & travel insurance needs and we are happy to say we have found them in Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance who are specific to bicycles and include cover for elements such as race cancellation entry, crash damage, wheel cover and theft from inside vehicles. 

Yellow Jersey also offer a 60% discount on your second bike when insuring two and who doesn't have more than one bike these days with road, enduro, and downhill cycling all becoming so popular so this is a serious bonus!

For example, we just insured two of our bikes, one worth around £4500 and the other £3500, this cost a total of £355 for the year and comes with a free DNA kit worth £36 so you can identify your bike if stolen. This came in at about £200 less than any other provider we have found so far and that was for TWO bikes!! 

See below a short summary of the bike insurance cover and what it includes - 

Pedal Cycle Insurance Features

  • Worldwide Cover as standard
  • Crash damage while training and racing
  • No increase in premiums if you make a claim
  • 15% Renewal discount
  • Race wheel, pothole protection
  • Race fee cancellation
  • Theft (including from vehicles)
  • 48hr transition cover
  • Damage Cover in transit to bike or box
  • £1000 Bike box cover as standard
  • £250 Accessories cover as standard
  • Optional clothing, helmet and wetsuit cover
  • Roadside recovery
  • 60% “multi bike” discount
  • Family cover
  • Available as short term or annual policies

We believe this is a comprehensive and very competitive policy from Yellow Jersey, if you claim it will not affect your home insurance, they do not increase your premium and they actually give you an automatic 15% renewal discount. Finally the policy even includes getting you home from any event or accident on your bike! It's a no brainer, now for the Travel policy! 

Now you have your bikes covered its time to cover yourself as we all know the dangers involves in downhill mountain biking and enduro alike. If you are intending to come and visit us in Morzine in the French Alps and ride some of the best mountain bike trails in the world you need to be covered. Some people believe that your EHIC card will cover you but this is only the case in state hospitals whereas most hospitals and medical centres in the Alps are private!!

See below a comparison between Yellow Jersey Insurance and it's competitors. This amazing price does not mean they have skimped on the cover, in fact far from it!! 

Cycle travel insurance compare
Worldwide (Incl. USA)
365 Days
5 Days
10 Days
365 Days
5 Days
10 Days
Max Days Annual
Excludes racing, triathlon
Max with Extreme+
With Extreme adventure
Sports Cover Direct
With Group 3
Yellow Jersey
Cycle Travel Insurance excl. Downhill MTB racing

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance provide a great cover policy, this is based on extensive research and this is what they have to say,

"Following our detailed customer research we realised most people were unaware their free travel insurance provided by work or banks excluded claims if they came off bike whilst on a cycling specific holiday. So if you were racing an Ironman in Austria, taking part in the Mallorca 312 or simply training with a group in the Pyrenees your normal travel insurance is likely inadequate."

So there you go, a Bicycle specific Travel insurance for passionate cyclists by passionate cyclist, see below just some of the item your travel insurance covers your for - 

Travel Insurance Features

  • Worldwide cycling and racing
  • £10,000,000 Emergency medical expenses
  • Repatriation to the UK
  • Cancelled trips
  • Lost luggage
  • Cash, passports and documents
  • Race fee cancellation cover
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Personal Liability up to £2,000,000
  • £5,000 Trip Cancellations
  • Lost baggage and delays
  • Cost of bicycle rental if yours is late to an event
  • Taxi fares if you have a breakdown
  • Gadget and personal possessions
  • FREE Winter Sports cover on Annual Polices
  • Optional Short-term Bicycle Cover​​​​​
  • To purchase your bicycle or travel insurance policy head over to the Yellow Jersey website and use this link -
  • Also all MTB Morzine Beds clients will receive and additional 5% discount. We will include a discount code and link in your confirmation email!!