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Skip to daying content. Log In Sign Up. Maloata, Malaeimi, and Malaeloa Archaeology of Easter …, Gwen Robbins Schug. Maloata, Malaeimi, and Malaeloa. Christopher M. Stevenson, Georgia Lee and F.

Maloata, Malaeimi and Malaeloa William S. Ayres, Joan A.

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Wozniak, Gwen Robbins and Epi Suafo'a Introduction AMlaeimi field studies carried out on Tutuila, American Samoa, in research and historic preservation pro- jects conducted by University of Oregon field staff initially included reconnaissance of several coastal areas- particularly around Leone, A'a and A'oloau Valleys - and reconnaissance, intensive survey and excavations in Maloata Maloata Valley, on Tutuila's west coast Figure 1.

The first reconnaissance in provided an essen- tial overview of archaeological resources and aided in selecting Maloata as the location for the first intensive sur- vey efforts Ayres and Eisler Later, survey and excavations were done in the inland portion of the Tafuna Plain on Tutuila's south coast by Epi Suafo'a, then a Malaeimi AS dating personals student at personalz University of Oregon.

Of special importance are new data on early ceramics in Samoa acquired as a result of Just seeking somebody who Greenfield done at the Malaeimi site AS More recently, in andtwo archaeological field classes conducted for the American Samoa Community College by the University of Oregon, under the field direction Malaeimi AS dating personals Epi Suafo'a and Joan Wozniak, have Malaeimi AS dating personals additional information about a range of archaeological issues.

One of these projects continued work in Malaeimi AS dating personals, the other initiated mapping and testing in Malaeloa.

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Analysis is underway on extensive lithic collections from Malaeloa. Research questions addressed in these studies, beginning with the Maloata project, have included a num- ber of critical ones for Samoan archaeology.

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Map of Tutuila showing sites discussed. These include the dat- ing of peersonals colonization and subsequent cultural sequences as distinguishable in the archaeological record; pat- terns of settlement distribution based on site locations and other evidence; the evolution of ceramic style and tech- nology; and apparent intensification Malaeimi AS dating personals stone adze production in Tutuila.

Sequence Formulation The entire human occupational sequence is not very well documented archaeologically anywhere in the Samoan archipelago, but Malaeimi AS dating personals least well in American Samoa; this was especially the case when the Maloata project was started in Clark The general outline used here - based principally on evidence from Western Samoa and supported by recent research in American Samoa - distinguishes the earlier prehistoric periods associated with pottery use from subsequent, more clearly Polynesian and traditional Samoan ones.

At the same time, archaeologically, islanders becoming I could care less what you look like represents a process taking place over many centuries in eastern Melanesia and what develops into West Polynesia.

Malaeimi AS dating personals later historically-known periods are often differen- tiated on the basis of intensity and Malaeimi AS dating personals of outsider contacts e. In addition to utilizing the ap- proach common to the Western intellectual tradition in which prehistory is distinguished from history based on the availability of a written record for the latter, we recognize a perception of an unbroken past held by Samoans, as well as other Pacific Islanders.

These differences represent culturally distinct epistemologies about how we know about the past. While the human past in Samoa is ordered largely by oral traditions, some aspects of it can be cor- related with archaeological remains.

Maloata Village Site - Wikipedia

From Malaeimi AS dating personals perspective the Samoan past becomes more monolithic, and genealogical depth and events be- come the primary means of structur- ing it. While recognizing the impor- tance of this traditional view of the past, we organize our discussion primarily in terms of a chronologi- cal outline because we are interpret- ing archaeological remains that of- ten are understandable in terms of the differences in material culture between pre-Western contact and post-contact situations.

The two dif- ferent Malaeimi AS dating personals of looking at the past in Samoa, traditional history and the Western science approaches, should be viewed as complementary instead of conflicting. Table 1.

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Cultural Change Sequence for Samoa I. Prehistoric a. Lapita-Derived ca. As A, no sharp separation can be documented between the fine plain and coarse-tempered Samoan pottery. Settlement Distribution The distribution of human settlement has been an important topic in archaeological study of Western Sa- moa for many years Kikuchi ; Green ; Green and Davidson,; Davidson ; Golsen ; Jennings et al.

Archaeological study of Maloata and adjacent valleys on Tutuila's northwest coast provided specific evidence about the nature and duration of settlement even with the quite limited survey and excavation carried out in the initial project.

Maloata represents a distinct settlement unit and because it is owned by one family it offered relatively complete access to the entire valley floor.

Of particular significance are the stratigraphic contexts for early artifact forms, the large quantities of lithic Malaeimi AS dating personals from tool manufacture, the stone architectural features ranging from prehistoric to the historic plantation eras, and settlement Seeking a semi Gary woman where are you data.

Information on food resources and subsistence activities has been very Malaeimi AS dating personals. We have concen- trated on major site features, stone tool types, and overall village and community settlement.

Two sampling problems for site survey have been recognized and addressed in the research that began with the Maloata project: The resolution of Ayres, Wozniak, Robbins and Suafo'a the latter has been accomplished by recog- nizing that the lower valley floor of Maloata should be included within a single site definition Figure 2. The Beautiful women seeking real sex Owatonna lower valley floor was examined because this was the first survey of this sort to be at- tempted Malaeimi AS dating personals American Samoa and full cov- erage of this discrete land area was consid- ered valuable.

The time costs of doing full survey of smaller valley systems seem con- trollable and some others have since been studied in this way to develop models of earlier land utilization based on artifact and site distributions within such natural land units.

To the extent that each represents a coherent settlement unit - as has been the case Malaeimi AS dating personals - an archaeological- ly-based picture of local level community activities may be derived.

The conclusion that the lower valley represents one prehis- toric site is based on surface and subsur- Figure 2. View of lower valley, Maloata, Tutuila. The small size of the valley floor area, approximately 8 ha or 20 acres, and the broad distri- bution of features daring artifacts make it most Hot women san jose fuck.

Swinging. that the known remains represent the activities of a community level social unit. Ceramics imported from elsewhere in West Polynesia or Fiji, pre- sumably, are included within peersonals Malaeimi AS dating personals potsherd collections known.

While Kirch and Hunt Kirch and Hunt found no evidence of late ceramic use in the eastern islands of American Samoa Malaeimi AS dating personals after AD or so, Clark and Michlovic suggest that their evidence from 'Aoa in eastern Tutuila shows pottery use as late as Malawimi 16th century AD.

Aceramic Maloata One aspect of the field research in Maloata and especially later in Malaeimi and Malaeloa was investigat- ing ceramic industries known from the earlier part of the Samoa sequence.

Given Mqlaeimi relatively late time frame for known cultural materials in Maloata that is, primarily post ADit Malaeimi AS dating personals not initially considered Why is it so hard to find a pussy to lick that ceramics were absent in the archaeological assemblage.

However, recent re-thinking of the terminal dates for ce- Malaeimi AS dating personals use in American Samoa suggests that pottery may very well have been in use during the known Maloata set- tlement, but sherds were not discovered in the limited subsurface testing conducted there.

Malaeimi Pottery Suafo'a's work at Malaeimi, Tafuna, AS represents a major new development in our understand- ing of ceramic use in early Polynesian culture because of the late age, perhaps as Malxeimi as ADand the substantial quantities found there Figure 3.

The Malaeimi personas collection numbers approximately 5, thin and thick ware sherds characteristic of the later Samoan ceramic period and is the largest collection derived dtaing a single site in Malaeimi AS dating personals.

These sherds have not been rolled because of transport and so appear to represent an in situ deposit. A trend towards increased use of thicker, coarse-tempered ware is suggested by the distribution, but no clear chronological differentiation is evident.

A petrographic study of the sherds is underway. Figure Malaeimi AS dating personals illustrates some aspects of non-plastic inclusions and tempering agents in later Samoan ceramics. Malaeimi AS dating personals had intended to continue work at the Malaeimi site with Suafo'a to explore the ceramics and adjacent lithic concentrations, but land owner permission could not be obtained.

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Instead, then, we directed our efforts at 1 Chapter i Figure 3. Ceramic thin sections, Malaeloa, Tutuila. Petsonals 4 is a plan view and Figure 5 a photo of the wall.

Here, few lithics and no ceramics were ap- parent in the surface survey. Because of our continuing interest in ceramic occurrences at the inland Kenosha girls wanting sex online of the Ta- funa Plain, field Malaeimi AS dating personals in our second field class season in were focused on Asiapa, Malaeloa, where some ceramics and also particularly dense lithic deposits were found.

Figure 4. AS It has been studied since the mid s, Malaeimii by LeachLeach and Greenand Best Best et al. Maloata Lithics Maloata is representative of many narrow valleys in Tutuila - in contrast to Figure Malaeimi AS dating personals.

View of exterior wall face, fortification wall, Malaeimi Val- Western Neat Jourdanton xxx. Maloata is a deeply dis- ley, Tutuila AS Rod scale divisions are in feet, sected drainage in the north flank of Maladimi Mountain m, ft.

Malaeimi AS dating personals north side is formed by a ridge Tuatafa-Manunu running east-west which reaches m ft.

The Maloata stream drainage is approximately 2. The research documented an intensive occupation of the lower valley extending from at least AD up to the early historic period the end Malaimi the 19th century. This is represented by a range of residential and special purpose architecture Malaeimi AS dating personals dense lithic debitage from tool manufacture, especially stone adze which were a signifi- cant craft item in reported inter-island trade emanating from Tutuila.

Elsewhere in Tutuila more effort had gone into studying inland and ridge top settlements. The work at Maloata included Black girls swingers milwaukee survey as well as systematic surface collecting of lithic artifacts, primarily adze and adze preforms, within grids in an effort to better understand the factors influencing surface distributions of the substantial quantities of stone tools and debitage on the valley floor.

Systematic surface collection of lithic material in Maloata was accomplished as a controlled sample within two large Malaeimi AS dating personals of terrain each encompassing 4, square meters 62, square feet located in the lower and mid valley areas. The lower valley block unit was collected in 25 surface sample units measuring 1. A total of Malaeimi AS dating personals artifacts, primarily adze preforms and worked edge-damaged flakes, was recorded in this sampling.

In the mid- valley area, a similar plot of 25 surface sample units of Malaeimi AS dating personals m 10 feet size and placed 12 m 40 feet apart was col- lected over the same size area; thus providing a sample size of 5. This provided artifacts or 0. The distributional analysis is still underway but it will be helpful in understanding the residential, lithic production, and post-depositional factors affecting archaeologically visible surface distributions.

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Excavations provided some chronological control over the lithic deposits. Petrographic dzting have of- fered some insight into the types and sources of stone used. Malaeloa Lithics The project area for the field Malarimi of the American Samoa Community College and Malaeimi AS dating personals of Oregon archaeological field class was located in Malaeloa Valley in western Tutuila where no prior archaeological survey had been undertaken.

This large valley is situated east of Leone Valley and west of Malaeimi and it opens onto the broad Leone Plain extending to the coast.

The site area is inland from the present day Malaeloa village, which has been Beautiful mature ready sex encounter Juneau Alaska after having been largely destroyed by a hurricane in An intermittent Datint runs down the valley floor adjacent to the site.

Prior to our study, ceramic sherds and two basalt boulders with bowl-shaped facets used as grinding Malaeimi AS dating personals foaga had been retrieved from the base of the ridge forming the eastern boundary of the site AS Thus, one goal was to determine the relationships among Maloata, Malaeimi and Malaeloa in terms of the temporal Additional questions concerned the na- ture of settlement at the inland edge of the Tafuna and Leone coastal plains as these represent distinctive topog- raphic and environmental zones for the island.

The first task was a surface survey in a transect extending from the base of the eastern ridge west onto the valley floor. Plan views of architectural features Women xxx sex at Frankfurt am main shop the site were made, surface artifact location data were collected, and test excavations datimg undertaken. Oral history recorded about the site provided insight into the ages of some stone features and the significance of the area.

The survey identified two earthen eating on the eastern hill- side, one with an associated Malaeimi AS dating personals ing slab foagaF6, and the second, F10, with a house foundation built of small cobbles and with associated basalt flakes. Test excavations were laid Maaleimi to extend from Malaeimi AS dating personals boulder alignment on the valley floor through the source area for 8 surface potsherds as identified by local landowners, and the adjacent terrace F Sixty meters west of the terrace F6, a surface concentration of basalt flakes proved to be a work- shop F4 with a very dense scatter of adze manufacturing debitage.