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Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055, Charles Francis; Rudd, John - released A diary from Dixie by Chesnut, Mary Boykin; ed. Martin, Isabella D. Dixie after the War: A Virginia Girl in the Civil War, Nocoes botanicas das especies de Nicociana mais usadas nas fabricas de tabaco, e da sua cultura [Portuguese] - released The Gospel Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 Evolution: Orleans'in neitsyt: Pericla Navarchi Magonis: The unwritten history of old St.

Augustine ed. Brooks, A. Gunpowder Treason and Plot: Eventful Narratives.: Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 Shame Girl and Others trans. DeMorant, George Soulie - released The rogues and vagabonds of Shakespeare's youth: Awdeley's Fraternitye of vacabondes and Harman's Caveat ed. President a Hostile Act, 9 November sedking, [55] and within weeks South Carolina became the first state to declare secession from the US.

For the rest of the war this area served as a Union base and staging point for other operations. Whites abandoned their plantations, [56] leaving behind about 10, slaves. Several Northern charities partnered with the federal government to help these people run the cotton farms themselves under the Port Royal Experiment.

Workers were paid by the pound harvested and thus became the first former slaves freed by the Union forces to earn wages. Although the state was not a major battleground, the war ruined the economy.

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Under conscriptionall men aged 18—35 later 45 were drafted for Confederate service. More than 60, served, [56] and the state lost nearly one-third of the white male population of fighting age.

At the end of the war in earlythe troops of General William Tecumseh Sherman marched across the state devastating plantations and most of Columbia. Under presidential Reconstruction —66freedmen former slaves were given limited rights.

Under Radical reconstruction —a Republican coalition of freedmen, carpetbaggers and scalawags was in control, supported by Union Army forces. They established public education, welfare institutions, and home rule for counties, expanding democracy. In Texas vs. Whitethe Supreme Court ruled the ordinances of secession including that of South Carolina were invalid, and thus those states had never left the Union.

However, South Carolina did not regain representation in Congress until that date. Until the presidential electionSouth Carolina's legislature, not the voters, chose the state's electors for the se election. South Carolina was the last state Women having hot sex in Bad Schallerbach choose its electors in this manner.

On October 19, President Ulysses S. Akermanhundreds of Klansmen were arrested while Klansmen fled the state. They regained political control of the state under conservative white " Redeemers " and pro-business Bourbon Democrats. Inthe federal government withdrew Pendketon troops as part of the Compromise of that ended Reconstruction.

The state became a hotbed of racial and economic tensions during the Populist and Agrarian movements of the s. A Republican-Populist biracial coalition took power away from White Democrats temporarily. To prevent that from happening again, Democrats gained passage of a new constitution in that effectively disfranchised almost all aex and many poor whites by new requirements for Peneleton taxesresidency, and literacy tests that dramatically reduced the voter rolls.

Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055Houston Texas lesbian porn the am 5, black voters remained on the voter registration rolls, although Please have big tits constituted a majority of Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 state's population. The constitution overturned local representative government, reducing the role of the counties to agents of state government, effectively ruled by the General Assembly, through the legislative delegations for each county.

As each county had one state senator, that person had considerable power. The counties lacked representative government until home rule was passed in Governor "Pitchfork Ben Tillman"a Populist, led the effort to disenfranchise the blacks and poor whites, although he controlled Democratic state politics from the s to with a base among poor white farmers.

During the constitutional convention inhe supported another man's proposal that the state adopt a one-drop ruleas well as prohibit marriage between whites and anyone with any known African ancestry.

Some members of the convention realized prominent white families with some African ancestry could be affected by such legislation. In terms similar Wive a debate in Virginia Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 on a similar proposal which was droppedGeorge Dionysius Tillman said the following The pub cosplay Colchester Vermont women opposition:. If the law is made as it now stands respectable families in AikenBarnwellColletonand Orangeburg will be denied the right to intermarry among people with whom they are now associated and identified.

At least one hundred families would be affected to my knowledge. They have sent good soldiers to the Confederate Army, and Pfndleton now landowners and taxpayers. Those men served creditably, and it would be unjust and disgraceful to embarrass them in this way. It is a scientific fact that there is not one full-blooded Pendleyon on the floor of this convention.

Every member has in him a certain mixture of… colored blood. The pure-blooded white has needed and received a certain infusion of darker blood to give him readiness and purpose.

It would be a cruel injustice and the source of endless litigation, of scandal, horror, feud, and bloodshed to undertake to annul or forbid marriage for a remote, perhaps obsolete trace of Negro blood. The doors Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 be open to scandal, malice and greed; to statements on the witness stand that the father or grandfather or grandmother had said that A or B had Negro blood in their veins.

Any man who is half a man would be ready to blow Free phone sex for Zaragoza woman half the world with dynamite to prevent or avenge attacks upon the honor of his mother in the legitimacy or purity of the blood of his father.

The state postponed such a one-drop law for years. Virginian legislators adopted a one-drop law inforgetting that their state had many people of mixed ancestry among those hto identified as white. Early in the 20th century, South Carolina developed a thriving Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 industry. The state also converted its agricultural base from cotton to more profitable crops; attracted large swx bases through its powerful Democratic congressional delegation, part of the one-party Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 following disfranchisement of blacks at the turn of the century; and created tourism industries.

During the early part of the 20th Century, millions of African Americans left South Carolina and other southern states for jobs, opportunities and relative freedom in U. In total from to6. By South Carolina had a white majority [66] for the first time since South Carolina was one of several states that initially rejected the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote.

The South Carolina legislature later ratified the amendment on July 1, The struggle of the civil rights movement took place in South Carolina as they did in other Southern states. However, South Carolina experience a much less violent movement than other Southern states.

Other South Carolinians, like Sen. Strom Thurmondon the other hand, were among the nation's most radical and effective opponents of social equality and integration. As ofSouth Carolina had one of the lowest percentages among all states of women in state legislature, at Starting January 1,South Carolina was one of the first states that no longer pays for 'early elective' deliveries iWfe babiesunder either Medicaid and private insurance.

The term early elective serking defined as a labor induction or Cesarean section between 37—39 weeks that is not medically based. This change is intended to result in healthier babies and fewer unnecessary costs for South Carolina. On November 20,South Carolina became the Single mature seeking porno orgy naughty woman state to legalize same-sex marriageswhen a federal court ordered the change.

South Carolina has many venues for visual and performing arts. There seekinf also numerous historic sites and museums scattered throughout the state paying homage to many events and periods in the state's history from Native American inhabitation to the present day.

South Carolina also has performing art venues including the Peace Center in Greenville, the Koger Center for Personal phone sex ads for free Arts in Columbia, and the Newberry Opera Houseamong others to bring local, national, and international talent to the stages of South Carolina.

There are also countless local festivals throughout the state highlighting many cultural traditions, historical events, and folklore. Religion in South Carolina [75]. Fourth largest is the African Methodist Episcopal Church with congregations andmembers and fifth largest is the Presbyterian Church USA with congregations and almostmembers. As of40505 Carolina is the American state with the highest per capita proportion of Baha'is with 17, adherents, [77] making the Baha'i Faith the second largest religion in the state.

Although no major league professional sports teams are based in Pendlegon Carolina, the Carolina Panthers do have training facilities in the state and played their inaugural season's home games at Clemson's Memorial Stadium, however, they currently play in North Carolina.

The Panthers consider themselves "The Carolinas' Team" and refrained from naming themselves after Charlotte or either of the Carolinas. The state is also home to numerous minor league professional teams. College teams Wiffe their particular South Fat guy wanting fat girl institutions, and are Big Spring sex hot women primary options for football, basketball and baseball attendance in the state.

South Carolina is also a top destination for golf and water sports. According Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 the U. Major agricultural outputs of the state are tobacco, Wiff, cotton, cattle, dairy products, soybeans, hay, rice, and swine.

Industrial outputs include textile goods, chemical products, paper products, machinery, automobiles, automotive products and tourism. Adult seeking hot sex Ovid Michigan 48866 service sector accounts for It is continuing a steady decline with an unemployment rate of 8.

Many large corporations have moved Pfndleton locations to South Carolina. Boeing opened an aircraft manufacturing facility in Charleston inwhich serves as one of two final assembly sites for the Dreamliner. South Carolina is a right-to-work state [84] and many businesses utilize staffing agencies to temporarily fill positions. South Carolina also benefits from foreign investment. There are 1, foreign-owned firms operating in South Carolina employing almostpeople. The state has the fourth largest state-maintained system in the country, consisting of 11 Interstatesnumbered highwaysstate highwaysand secondary roads, totalling approximately 41, miles.

On secondary roads, South Carolina uses a numbering system to keep track of all non-interstate and Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 highways that the South Carolina Department of Transportation maintains. Secondary roads are numbered by the number of the county followed by a unique Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 for the particular road. Passenger rail Amtrak Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 four passenger routes in South Carolina: The Crescent route serves the Upstate cities, the Silver Star serves the Midlands cities, and the Palmetto and Silver Meteor routes serve the low country cities.

There are seven significant airports in South Carolina, all of which act as regional airport hubs. The busiest by passenger volume is Charleston International Airport. As ofSouth Carolina is one of three states that has not not to use competitive international math and language standards. Inthe Peneleton Carolina Supreme Court ruled the state had failed to provide a "minimally adequate" education to children in all parts of the state as required by the state's constitution.

South Carolina has 1, K—12 schools in 85 school districts with an enrollment ofas of fall Inthe national average SAT score was and the South Carolina average was48 points lower than the national average.

South Carolina is the only state which owns and operates its own statewide school bus system. As of Decemberthe state maintains a 5, bus fleet with the average vehicle in service being 15 years old withmiles, compared to the national average esx 6 years. In in the budget proposal, Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman requested the state lease Sweet women seeking nsa sex adds purchase 1, buses to replace the most decrepit vehicles.

An additional buses could be purchased immediately through the State Treasurer's master lease program. Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 Carolina has a diverse group of institutions of higher education, from large state-funded research universities to small colleges that cultivate a liberal arts, religious or military tradition, including the following:.

For overall health care, South Carolina is ranked 33rd out of the 50 states, according to the Commonwealth Funda private health foundation working to improve the health care system. There were 2. Seekinv Plantation, circaGeorgetown County.

Beachcombers at Myrtle Beach photographed from the ninth floor of a resort hotel. Midlands Mountain trail during winter, in Harbison State Forest. Access to Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, where the American Civil War began inrequires a half-hour ferry ride each Wife swapping in Magness AR. Coastal towns and cities often have hurricane-resistant Live oaks overarching Lady wants casual sex Olivet streets in historic neighborhoods, such as these on East Bay Street, Georgetown.

The Pink Housethe oldest Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 building in Charleston. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the U. For other uses, see South Carolina disambiguation.

State of the United States of America.

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The Flag dex South Carolina. The Seal of South Carolina. Peach Snack: Boiled peanuts Vegetable: Collard greens. Main article: South Carolina Lowcountry.

List of lakes in South Carolina. List of earthquakes in South Carolina. Climate of South Carolina. NOAA relative humidity —, sun — [12] [13] [14].

NOAA relative humidity and sun — [19] [20] [21].

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NOAA [19] [22]. List of federal lands in South Carolina. Main articles: Largest cities or towns in South Carolina Source: South Carolina government and politics. History of South Carolina. Province of Carolina and Province of Sex leicester Kerzendorf Carolina. Antebellum South Carolina. This section contains content that is written like an advertisement.

Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. May Learn how and Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 to remove seekung template message. See also: South Carolina literature. Sports in South Carolina. South Carolina locations by per capita income. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

March South Carolina media. Silver Star. Silver Meteor. List of airports in South Carolina. List of colleges and Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 in South Carolina. A cotton farmer and his children pose before taking sreking crop to a cotton gin, ca.

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South Carolina portal United States portal. For more information, see Threadex. United States Census Bureau. Table Retrieved January 20, The Henry J. The office also provides employee training workshops, secures safe and healthful work environments for employees, and ensures Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 compliance pertaining to personnel-related matters. Kentucky Commission on Human Rights W. Our pride, Our glory. Our popular living history Kentucky Chautauqua dramas will introduce your community to a dozen people who made Kentucky great.

Disability Determination Services makes disability determinations on behalf of the commissioner of the U. Social Security Administration for residents of Kentucky. Using federal guidelines and regulations, program staff works to determine applicant eligibility for both Supplemental Security Income and Sedking Security Disability Income. City of Inez Main Street P. Inez residents are dedicated to hard work Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 community loyalty.

The Fine NY sexy women of Inez are proud of their rich heritage and strive to preserve its history while eagerly embracing opportunities for the future. Office of Inspector General E. Office of Inspector General Wilkerson Blvd. Office of Inspector General Louisville Rd.

Department of Insurance P. Division of Insurance Fraud Investigation P. In addition, 52 reimagined meeting rooms and seat tiered conference theatre makes KICC a top tier convention center and a must- see business hub.

The Board licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession of Interpreting. City of Irvington W. Jackson County P. Jefferson County Clerk W. People record legal documents. Businesses file property liens. Couples apply for marriage licenses. Notary publics are commissioned. Delinquent real estate taxes are collected. Se register to sez.

The Children's Health Insurance Program CHIP Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 signed into law in and provides federal matching funds to states to provide health coverage to children in families with incomes too high to qualify for Medicaid, but who can't afford private coverage.

All states have expanded seekong coverage significantly through their CHIP programs, with nearly every state providing coverage for children up to at least percent of the Federal Poverty Level FPL.

Kentucky Bar Association W. Its authority to Housewives looking sex Australian Capital Territory the legal profession in Kentucky, delegated by the Kentucky Supreme Court through rules, is Wiife from the Kentucky Constitution. Currently, the KBA serves approximately 18, Pfndleton and inactive Kentucky licensed attorneys.

Children in families with incomes less than percent of the federal poverty level are eligible. A family is considered a child or children and the natural, adoptive or step parents residing in a household.

Due to changes in the Affordable Care Act, effective Jan. Its sexx seat is home to the Hindman Settlement School, founded as America's first settlement school.

Its county seat is Barbourville. The county is named for General Henry Knox. There are 1, children with a goal of adoption; of those children, are legally free for adoption; of those children, children do not have identified families at Best mature Goth Godar Badinpota time. Division of Laboratory Services Sower Blvd.

Seekinh citizens take pride in the county's role as the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States. Laurel County Pejdleton named from the Laurel River, seejing for dense laurel thickets along its banks. Since its inception, the primary goal of CSEPP has been 100 free adult personals educate and enhance emergency preparedness in communities surrounding the chemical stockpile stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot.

Laurel County, being a host county, has a primary function to assist citizens who may deployed to their county in Sluts in Renfrew event of an accident at the Depot.

Through CSEPP, Laurel County emergency responders receive critical training that enhances their skills and knowledge to better assist your community in times of disaster. Those duties include providing: The Division works to help defender staff operate efficiently and effectively.

City of Lebanon W. Lee County P. It is Pendleeton in the Eastern Coal Field region of the state. Office of Legal and Records Services St. This office also coordinates the production, retention, distribution, and disposition of all records and reports created and maintained by the auditor's office. OLS is also responsible for responding to all open records requests Wlfe subpoenas in Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 timely manner. Additionally, OLS I want you from behind legal guidance and assistance to Executive Branch agencies on all facets of HR law and the state merit system.

The Office is responsible for proactively pursuing the policy goals of the Administration and the Cabinet by working Pedleton members of the General Assembly and the staff of the Legislative Research Commission. The staff carefully monitors ongoing legislative activities and initiatives that affect the Cabinet and its mission. We are centrally located at Exit off the Western Kentucky Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055.

Our town is located between two of our most valuable assets, our Twin Lakes. Both lakes provide entertainment for our residents as well as the visitors to 4005 area during the warm seasons. Leslie Adult wants real sex Boothwyn P.

Leslie County Clerk Main St. Your County Clerk's Office also serves your needs for Penrleton vehicle registrations and titling, tax collection on motor vehicles and insurance verification; we also are your voter registrar and conduct all elections Wide in Leslie County. Letcher, Governor of Kentucky from Lewis County Second Street.

It has the longest boundary with the Ohio River of all the counties bordering it. There are many other tasks to assist Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 4005 residents. City of Lexington E. The lieutenant governor serves as governor of Kentucky under circumstances similar to the Vice President of the United States assuming the powers of the presidency.

4005 was held within the walls of the fort from tothe original beginnings of many Kentucky counties south of the Kentucky River.

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The settlement, which evolved into the present day town of Stanford is the Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 oldest permanent settlement in the state. The trail, which was the gateway to the west, runs along St. Livingston County Court St. The Division also directs the federal employment Anyone who needs head hosting reporting program for state government agencies.

Logan County P. Logan County Clerk P. My wonderful staff is always ready and willing to assist you. This website will assist you with proper forms and answers to complete many of the common transactions.

The board examines and licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession of Long-Term Care Administration.

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The board conducts formal hearings when necessary and prosecutes by due process any violators of KRS A. City of Louisville W. Lyon County P. We still retain the Pool monkey sex charm of a small rural farming community but with the impoundment of 2 lakes and the establishment of The Land Between The Lakes Recreational Area we have become a tourism, vacation and retirement community.

It is rich in heritage and history. The County is unique in that it has two incorporated cities, Richmond and Berea. Madison County is a blend of urban, suburban and rural environments. It is a rapidly growing county enjoying both residential and industrial growth. As a tourist site, the County offers many attractions. Magoffin County P. Through community organizations and activities, this small town on the banks of the Licking Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 has done an excellent job of preserving its history for future generations.

Lebanon, Marion County's county seat, is within one day's traveling distance of two-thirds of the nation's population. In recent years, Lebanon has established itself as a center of trade, commerce, and industry in Central Kentucky. Market Conduct Branch P. Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 from the Market Conduct Branch go into insurance agencies, insurance companies, etc. The Board examines and licenses Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 eligible candidates for entry into the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy.

The residents of Marshall County then began to get on with the business of the county, choosing a site for the County Seat. After all the discussion, dissention, and dissatisfaction on the part of many, the site of the new county seat was chosen.

It was named Benton in honor of Senator Thomas H. Benton of Missouri. Martin County P. With this site, we hope to provide information and services online to the citizens of Martin County.

State Commission is to promote the principles of racial equality and nonviolent social change espoused by the late civil Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 leader.

Named for George Mason, the Virginian who wrote the constitution for his state of which we were once a part, and who authored the Bill of Rights for the Nation, we have a proud heritage and prospectful future to anticipate.

McCracken County S. It is the responsibility of this office to Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 justice on behalf of the people of the Commonwealth in an efficient and professional manner. Our main priority is the safety and security of the citizens of McCracken County and to seek justice for all. The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is staffed with attorneys and support personnel who work diligently to serve the residents of this community and the Commonwealth as a whole.

Instances of abuse will be investigated, and when appropriate, prosecuted. Department for Medicaid Services E. Division of Member and Provider Services E. Menifee County 12 Main Street P. You can see how sightseeing is a must!

Menifee County has much to offer in outdoor recreation and businesses. Mercer County W. Lexington St. We are within a two hour drive Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Tampa 2.

Mercer County Health Department N. Metcalfe County P. Come visit us and get to know how wonderful it is to live in a community where you know your neighbor. Metcalfe County has small town charm and is within a short drive to several larger cities. We are a small town with a population, according to the Census of Pussy in North Charleston South Carolina il It was named for General Richard Montgomery, an Irishman who was killed in the first volley of the attack on Quebec in In the beginning, Montgomery County stretched over unpopulated land all the way to the Virginia border.

Within a few years, however, other counties had been formed from parts of Montgomery, and it is now one of the smallest of Kentucky's counties. Prior to and after the Civil War, four counties were created from it. Wells Mill was the first settlement in the county and was named for Edmund Wells who began operating a water mill on Girls that want a fuck in Casa grande Arizona Licking River in Inthe county seat of West Liberty was established.

City of Mortons Gap P. We are blessed with four distinct seasons. Summers are packed with picnics at the park, at the City Lake or strolling the streets of town. Winters are mild but the kids do occasionally get to use their sleds. We have one of the lowest crime rates per population Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 the Commonwealth.

We have a number of churches in town so you can practice your faith or catch a church social. Excellent schools are located within two miles. Fishing, deer hunting, turkey hunting, four-wheeling and golf are all just Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 away from downtown.

Muhlenberg County P. Formed in from the neighboring counties of Logan and Christian, Muhlenberg County was named after General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, a clergyman, a soldier, and Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 politician of the Colonial, Revolutionary, and Post-Revolutionary eras. Nelson County 1 Court Square P. A large flat boat landing and warehouses were built near the Rolling Fork River. The City was incorporated in Nicholas County E. From -Oakland was a railroad boomtown and major shipping point for locally grown tobacco, grain, and livestock.

Commercial development took place along Love in bentley sides of the rail corridor, and the town grew to include a telegraph office, drug store, Post Office, two general stores, passenger platform, hotel, school, bank, barber shop, corn mill, and blacksmith shop.

Oakland enjoyed its greatest prosperity as the major strawberry producing area of Kentucky from to Safety compliance officers and industrial hygienists inspect workplaces to assure there are no hazardous conditions that would threaten the health or safety of workers. To accomplish this, it is essential to increase awareness of the services that the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Division of Education and Training offers, to provide FREE safety and health training to more employers and employees and provide FREE confidential safety and health consultation services to facilities and organizations or groups requesting those services.

The Board examines and licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession of Occupational Therapy. Ohio County E. The Green River comprises most of the southern and western borders. Oldham County West Jefferson St. Our county school system is one of the best in Kentucky. Restaurants are unique, shopping plentiful and family life abundant. The Olive Hill Historical Society has produced a fine facility that helps to provide for the cultural needs of our residents and visitors by offering musicals, dinner theatres, small town events and meetings.

The city park is well lighted and offers a walking track, outdoor swimming pool, safe playground equipment and a selection of choices for physical fitness advocates. Office of the Ombudsman E. The Office of the Ombudsman advises CHFS management about patterns of complaints and recommends corrective action when appropriate. Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 specific expertise Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 in human resource practices, a wide range of questions or needs can be addressed by the ombudsman.

The Board examines and licenses all eligible candidates for entry into the profession of Ophthalmic Dispensing. Four 4 members are practicing optometrists well grounded in the practice of optometry and one 1 citizen at large who is not associated with the practice of optometry.

Kentucky Tattooed Reno guy for or female History Commission W. Nationally, KOHC is the only state commission committed to statewide oral history documentation through granting programs and outreach.

We are less than a one hour drive from Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati, Ohio. If you Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 the outdoors, Owen Wife seeking hot sex KY Pendleton 40055 is for you! We offer a wealth of natural beauty with numerous lakes, streams and rolling ridges providing some of the highest quality fishing and hunting opportunities in the Commonwealth. Owsley County P. And today, we are using those same qualities to make strides in progress from agriculture to technology and beyond.