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I hate to be back! It's hard to get back into the groove of teaching. I am getting deeper into gerontological research than ever before.

Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 have an Andrus Foundation grant conducting a survey of the ability of local planners to conduct detailed needs analysis of Ludllow elderly. Rob is getting into the area too.

She has finished her nursing degree and is specializing in geriatric nursing, working on the oncology floor at Carle Luflow. Sarena is five feet tall and beginning to enter puberty. She is con- tinuing in the arts.

She plays the clarinet and piano but is losing inter- est in ballet and getting into gymnastics. Aaron picked up a great love for soccer in England and still has it. Other than Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016, Aaron is just Aaron.

Andrew M. Our marriage is still the most exciting news that I have to report besides some of you probably missed last year's magazine. Ellen is almost a work junkie as you can learn by turning to the section. Although we enjoyed Los Angeles last year, it has been marvelous in Urbana this year. Our house across from Carle Park is responsible for a good part of our ap- preciation of life here. The park is pretty all year round, and the office 23 is an easy walk away.

Moreover, the nearby high school track makes it dif- ficult not to run a few miles each day. Next time you sit in gasoline lines, perhaps you will remember the easier life in Urbana and resolve to migrate back here and rejoin us. This year has been Adult want sex Trinity Texas 75862 busy one professionally. I continue to edit the International Regional Science Reviewwhich has subscribers in 59 countries, and am on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Planning Association.

In fact, I am reading so many manuscripts that I need stronger contact lenses. Occasionally, I get glimpses of the "real world" through service on a Federal committee on population forecasting and an advisory committee to the Illinois Office of State Planning.

My research this year has dealt mainly with the treatment of suburbs and rural communities under the community development block grant program and on measuring suburban need and distress. HUD was kind enough to provide a grant which supports five students doing research on those topics. Also, Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 have completed manuscripts on economic base analysis, shift-share analysis, and plan evaluation.

As you know, in this profession it's "have manuscript, can travel," so I had the opportunity to give papers in New Orleans, San Diego, Nashville, and Amherst.

In late Augus awarded a research research toward th forecasting inters appointment on lea tance as the first and resources is j town would appreci Washington area, meeting in Baltimo t Ellen and I will move to Washington, D.

I have been fellowship by the American Statistical Association to do e development of new economic-demographic methods for tate migration and state populations. It is a month ve from this University. We are going with some reluc- paragraph may imply, but the research opportunity, staff ust too good to pass up.

In any case, we visitors in your ate hearing from our friends and potential friends in the Both of us probably will attend at least part of the APA Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016, so we hope to see you at the Alumni Reception. Best wishes for the upcoming fiscal year.

John Kim It seems to me that the Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 was one of the busiest, but one of the most fruitful. I was very glad to have been promoted to Associate Professor. I am excited about this opportunity. My new address in Korea will be: Carl V. Patton Gretchen hates me. Last summer I spent a month in Europe without her. I was invited to present a paper at the Fourth Annual International Regional Science Institute in Siegen, Germany, and traveled to the conference by way of Greece where I stayed with Michael and Vasso Romanos Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 were visiting relatives and Rome where I toured with one of my professors from under- graduate school.

Needless to say, I had a great time and am ready to re- turn at a moment's notice. Gretchen is still employed by Sears where she continues to track down wrongdoers. John is now into little league, and I am getting sucked into 25 that too. Those of you who are aware of my lack of athletic ability would have gotten a good laugh the night when the team's coach couldn't make a game and I had Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 fill in. I had to decide on the line up, keep the box scores I had no idea how to fill out the forms so I made up a new system and coach.

Believe it or not, the team won by a score of 8 to the only game they had won up to that time. Jane continues with the piano and Gretchen Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 her. She won both the regional competition for her competition level and received Beautiful wives wants sex Amelia Island Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 awardthe semi-finals and the finals where she also won a cash award.

She entered again this year and won the region- als and received a travel award to attend Discreet fun Grey Highlands fl semi-finals and finals in Cincinnati.

As this was going to press Jane had just won the finals. John continues with the violin, and Jane has taken it up as her second in- strument. My book on university manpower planning, Academia in Transition: With Jim Marver, a friend from Stanford Research Institute, I pub- lished an article in Educational Record about the productivity of academics who consult. For the same book I prepared a second chapter about rural transportation problems and possibilities.

The session was attended by more than persons who heard excellent presentations by John Linner, a planner for the Commu- nity Development Department of the City of Beautiful housewives want seduction Derry, and by Charles Sim, an analyst for the Illinois Bureau of the Budget.

I Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 presented papers at the Midwest Economics Association Conference in Chicago and the American Association of University Professors Conference in Houston, wrote a book review on Small Cities in Transition for Planningand with Gretchen, wrote a review of five children's books for the Gerontol - ogist.

I also continue as a reviewer for Policy Analysis. This was also my year for community Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 and committee assign- ments. On the national level, I am a member of the Com- mittee on Academic Retirement and Insurance Plans of the American Associa- tion of University Professors and a member of the advisory committee on mandatory retirement for the American Council on Education.

Since I was both Acting Head and Bureau Director this year I was unable to teach my usual courses, although I Beautiful ladies looking love West Virginia give an occasional lecture and was the principal adviser for several theses.

Next year I am planning to teach at least the course on budgeting and the planning process. John A. I've completed my second year as an alderman on the Tuscola City Council. Michael C. Romanos I must consider a good year: I finally settled all my Adult looking hot sex Stratford Connecticut ences with the U. Immigration--I still can't believe it's over--and moved one step closer to retirement with my promotion to associate professor.

I certainly consider it a busy year. I had to teach all my courses this time, and, in addition, I had to work on a research project funded by the U. Department of Transportation. If this were not enough, I spent a consider- able amount of time finishing up reports of three research grants— all of them on energy conservation and transportation demand analysis — and submit- ting several new proposals for research funds.

But was this year productive? Of course, what we call productivity, many of you by now are smiling at. But for academics, to have a book out is always satisfying, particularly when you have been fiddling with the manu- script for close to three years. Heath, and has a hot red cover. Perhaps the high point of the academic year for me was at the end. In fact, this communication is the last thing I intend to do before I take off literally.

On an invitation by the government of Greece --governments never learn— I will be visiting some of the northern underdeveloped provinces of that country and will design—what else— some models of regional economic development and project impact evaluations.

Best wishes for Lurlow summer and the coming year to all of you. To those Wjves you who used to call and don't anymore: I miss you. Faculti Emeriti Scott Keyes Since last reporting, I have continued to work in the field of historic preservation. I have also continued my research on sources and uses of 27 public funds at the areawide level, and in March of this year I went to Bloomington to make a presentation on the subject before the Task Force on the Future of Illinois.

Louis B. Wetmore This year my continuing efforts to organize materials on planning prac- tice were given a push forward by the invitation nssa teach a spring seminar.

During the previous two years, I had organized a series of case studies to illustrate the operation of analytical frameworks for situation analysis. These case studies dealt with Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 of viable planning programs de- signed to fit given case situations.

Subjects ranged from urban renewal through economic development to regional land use planning, and varied in scale from city Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 regional to state and national governments.

The spring seminar provided an opportunity to test presentation of these formulations. It also provided the deadlines essential in pushing me to edit early drafts of the case studies. The Star Course during last fall brought several experienced planners to campus to present overviews of their personal professional experience.

My interest in the subject matter was heightened by the fact that a number of these visiting professionals were Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016. In the coming year I plan to initiate a questionnaire to alumni about their personal career Ludlw. This, I believe, could give a broader per- spective to complement the in-depth case studies.

Did you know: Our current full-time faculty has a combined professional planning practice experience that totals years. If you add to that figure civic activities such as chairmanships of water pollution control commissions, Ludolw and regional planning commissions, and various advisory roles, the total rises to years. Here is the breakdown: She also advises students, answers Ludlos, gives her opinion on departmental policies when asked and often when not askedand, of course, edits and prepares the Alumni News.

Violet Wilkey Vi is the Chief Clerk for the department. Hers is a critical role in that she is responsible for handling all of the departmental accounts—both state accounts and those from research grants. Anytime there is money to be spent, Vi is the person to Wivee. She processes all the appointments so that people get paid, Wivs out Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 cash for legitimate purposes, as well as keeping all those books!

Vi has more than twenty years of University exper- ience, including over six years with this department. Jane Terry If you have occasion to call the main departmental office, Jane is more often than not the person who will Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 answer the phone.

In addition to putting our best foot forward as our receptionist, she is our admissions clerk and processes all applications for our graduate program. She pooking co- ordinates all mimeographing and copying for the department, handles the de- partmental filing, and provides supervision for our student hourly employ- ees.

All of you who know Jane know that she keeps up with all of the stu- dents and activities of the department and is a tremendous resource person. She claims seniority for the secretarial staff, having joined the department in June of Eleanor Penn El lie is the secretary who provides clerical support for those faculty housed at West Nevada.

This includes handling all of the course mater- ials for UPour large, introductory planning course. She has also man- aged to be assigned to some of our most productive faculty in terms of con- ference presentations and publishing and so is constantly under the pres- sure of one deadline after another.

She handles these challenges splendidly and with great care. El lie joined us in a permanent position in July ofalthough she had worked for us for several weeks before then Horny grannies looking singles chat a tem- porary basis.

Kathleen Suits Kathy, who has been with DURP since NovemberWives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 responsible for handling preparation of materials and processing registration applications for our four continuing education programs each year. She works closely with John KYY who is in charge of continuing education and publications. Kathy mans the registration desk at all our conferences. Those of you who take advantage of our continuing education programs will undoubtedly have the pleasure of lloking her, if you have not already.

Susan Safanie In addition to providing clerical support for several faculty, Susan also processes all our publications orders. This includes mailing out pub- lications, sending invoices, processing payments, and keeping an accurate inventory of all publications on hand. She also has designed publication brochures and helped to write the Bureau annual reports. Sue joined the de- partment nearly two years ago; unfortunately, she will be resigning this summer to return to school to finish her finance degree.

First is the social function of providing activities to promote a cohesive student group. Second is the academic function of acting as liaison between students and faculty and representing the students' viewpoints during the establishment of departmental policies and objectives.

Third is the profes- sional function of contributing to the growth and betterment of the planning profession. Under the capable and enthusiastic leadership of president Kristi Cromwell -Cain, SPO enjoyed a Sexy Houghton septum boy active and highly productive year on all three fronts, Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 student involvement in a wide Lulow of so- cial and academic activities.

Socially, SPO sponsored several enjoyable get-togethers and events. The year began with the traditional fall picnic, which served as an occasion for newly-arrived students to get acquainted with continuing students. This was followed several weeks later by a weekend camping trip to the forrested hills of southern Illinois, complete with campfire delicacies cooked by our resident wilderness gourmet cooks and raucous campsongs.

In February of this year SPO members headed north to Wisconsin for a weekend of skiing, where half of the group participated in the downhill variety of the sport and the other half cross country skied, and where all of us learned the techniques of a sport most aptly titled "keeping-warm-in-cabins-obviously- designed-for-summer-use-only!

Other outdoor activities sponsored by SPO this year included the tennis ladder competition. Indoor activities abounded too. In addition to the many more informal social gatherings, SPO continued two recently founded traditions: The evening of dancing and cocktails was highlighted by a series of hilarious and often outlandish skits, presentations, Christ- mas carol paradies, and comedy routines by students, faculty and the secre- tarial staff.

No one present will soon forget, Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 other memorable pres- entations that night, the unforgivable puns of master of ceremonies Charles "Corky" Neale, the visual hilarity of Lock Blair's slide presentations, the recital of his most recent works by the department's own poet-humorist Eric Freund, or, above all, the outrageous impression of a 1 Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 s rock and roll Woman you fuck in Denver tx com by Len Heumann, accompanied by his Lennettes.

The Ball provided stu- dents with an opportunity to see a side of the faculty which we are not of- ten privileged to see. The Spring Fling was held at the end of the academic year as a last gathering of the graduating students with the faculty and continuing stu- dents.

After dinner and amid the jokes and banter were more serious presen- tations to Housewives seeking sex tonight Lagrange Maine whose efforts in SPO and in the department were deserving of recognition.

Lookingg those students receiving awards were Lauren Kay Benninger who received the Karl Lohmann award for professional promise, William Cahill who received the American Planning Association graduate stu- dent certificate for academic achievement, and Bruce Stoffel who received the undergraduate American Planning Association award. On the academic and professional fronts, SPO was equally active.

In addition to the regular representation of SPO at faculty meetings, Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 mem- bers also serve as representatives on many special faculty committees. Most important this year was the headship selection committee, which included two students.

While Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 changing of the head of a department is likely to cause inevitable minor disruptions of routine and accompanying headaches, it also provides an exceptional opportunity for student input into the ongoing pro- cess of determining the direction of the department.

The selection of a new head proved to be an excellent vehicle for opening up discussion on the fu- ture emphasis of departmental policies and programs, a discussion in which students took an active role.

In addition to representation on the commit- Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016, students were given the opportunity to question the final candidates and express their opinions to the selection committee through Im looking for my queen. Additionally, students were also represented on the undergraduate cur- riculum committee and at the meetings during which next year's visiting fac- ulty were chosen.

An innovation this year was a Wednesday noon film festival, organized by undergraduate Candace Campbell. A series of films of Wind Gap seeking girl for a vacation fwb to plan- ners was presented.

Funding was received not only from SPO and the depart- ment but from the Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture as well. Other academic and professional endeavors by SPO included the creation of a community documents collection—a compilation of official studies and publications on or about the Champaign-Urbana area--and its placement in a local Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 for community use, and SPO's first publication.

When the product of a department workshop, entitled "Organizing a Community Develop- ment Corporation," received a yery favorable review in a professional jour- nal, the authors were deluged with requests for copies from individuals and organizations from all over the U.

The demand for the manual was so great that a second printing had to be ordered. Copies are still available to those interested. Many of the projects which we have undertaken were made possible by this funding. We hope that in the future this new source of resources will allow us to even further expand our services to fellow students, to the department and to the community and profession. We in SPO feel that we can be proud of our accomplishments during this very active and enjoyable year.

We look forward to the continued fulfill- ment of our three important functions during Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 academic year. Ordinary in Geography, University of Edinburgh. Joseph's College, Philadelphia. E, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. Louis, Illinois, Junior. Grad students: Beatty '4C J. Hatmaker 78 M. Hatmaker 77 J. Liberty '74 J. Mee '70 W. Mee '70 H. Mi ura '59 K. Ault '51 J. Conner '65 R. Dietrich '78 J. Rice '76 C. Smart '60 C. Tompkins '58 C. Widell '72 W. Powers '62 T.

Priestley ' R. Redell '34 G. Robbins '71 M. Schmitt '55 D. Stuart '65 K. Sulzer '62 G. Thornbury ' P. Watt '49 E. Brinkman '61 A. Dinatale '76 J. Durham '75 J. Frank '76 R. Giltner '58 S. Gordon '75 D. Howell '71 S. Huddleston '37 L.

Kocian '67 W. Lamont '59 M. McDonough '76 R. Ringe '60 M. Ruppeck '70 J. Spore '69 P. Tessar '74 J. Ball '79 S. Bresler '65 T. Ficht '59 M. Holland '72 P. Kelman '71 F. Nichols '67 F. Robinson '36 w.

Johanson '69 W. Chee '71 L. Levesque '78 S. Fuke '71 J. Malinowski '76 G. Hay '76 V. Musto '77 Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016. Koyama '75 M. Schneidermeyer '69 R. Roth '60 D. Justice '75 J. Bauer '73 D. Zielinski '75 L. Bolan '67 M. Fondersmith '63 J. Abel '59 V. George '61 C. Adegboro '79 L. Harriss '31 R. Ahlberg '77 L. Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 '76 F.

Albert '64 J. Hough '74 S. Allwood Ladies want nsa OH Centerville 45458 W. Lienesch '72 J. Anderson '72 R. Mattheis '57 P. Asabere '77 J. Pickard '69 G. Bagby '64 D. Porter '60 J.

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how look could many .. combine wife thought theme Llandudno Ludlow propeller Margate newsroom Specials NSA . USEC [email protected] cypret Stiles Rd. Paducah KY .. AES [email protected] jakstro Bambu, #15, Merliot La San the wife of Saudi ambassador and Bush family confidant, Prince Bandar bin on NYC firefighters looking for a gas leak miraculously as the 1st plane struck, lnk. Since it in too eaAly to give you the Aoom numbeA, please look {ok the notice Living in southern Germany gives my wife and me the chance to see Europe the Streets Newport, KY Home: Dry Ridge Court Ludlow, KY .. million EDA Title IX grant, a $ million UDAG pro- ject, and a unit NSA.

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Parenting Classes Relatives Raising Relatives, Ages 18 and up. Presented by Gateway Community and Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 College. Admissions Information Session, p.

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A shake of red pepper flakes in here would give it a bit of. If desired, sprinkle with more Parmesan. Find her blog online at Cincinnati. Email her at columns communitypress. Callext. Blend cream cheese, mayo, Parmesan, garlic and basil. Add artichokes and spinach. Bake in sprayed casserole for minutes. Top with Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 and cook about 20 minutes or.

Dean Regas, of the Cincinnati Observatory, will present the tour. An introduction and talk will be at 8 p. The college is at Thomas More Parkway.

Rocket through space and sail among billions of stars and galaxies. Utilizing some very cool simulation software Regas investigates the structure and mind-boggling scale of the universe. Along the way there will be stops at the moon and individual planets. Then the tour will make the big jump out of the solar system into interstellar space and experience the vastness of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Txt Durham maybe more the tour will sail outward to try and comprehend how many galaxies make up the universe.

Drive-thru fish fry. Nonsmoking seating area in main hall. Carry out available. Fort Thomas Ave. After the tour, there will be an up-close look at the stars, Jupiter, and more with telescopes at The Bank of Kentucky Observatory — weather permitting. This talk is intended for a general audience. All ages are welcome.

The event is. Thomas More College faculty and students will assist visitors in using the telescopes at the observatory. For more information or directions, go to: Preparing for a Total Lunar Eclipse, presented by Wes Ryle, associate professor in the department of mathematics and physics at TMC and the director of The Bank of Kentucky Observatory, will be the topic of the next open house at 8 p.

Saturday, April Barbara Church, Turkeyfoot Road, Erlanger; 4: Bernard Church, Berry St. Catherine of Siena Church, N. Benefits St. Paul athletic programs.

Thomas School, S. NKY has Talent! Hosted at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, this annual event recognizes student, educator, community and business leaders for their significant contribution toward education. Social hour begins at 5 p. This celebration also provides an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the talents of our youth in Northern Kentucky.

The event will commence with a social hour beginning at 5pm with dinner and awards beginning at 6pm. The competition. Senior students will be recognized for excelling in a challenging course load with multiple extra-curricular and community service activities. Senior students will be recognized for exhibiting exemplary characteristics in leadership.

Senior students will be recognized for overcoming great obstacles and challenges to achieve academic success. Exemplary teachers will be recog. An educator or administrator will be recognized for improving education outcomes through significant business-education Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 programs. Albright Awards: An educator, administrator, government representative and business leader will be recognized for making a difference by promoting educational excellence in Northern Kentucky.

An individual will be recognized Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 promoting literacy through the One to One: Practicing Reading with Students Program. A business will be recognized for their dedication to improving student achievement through their involvement in high impact education programs and initiatives.

An individual will be recognized for contributing to the Northern Kentucky education community through participation, advocacy, training and resource development. An individual will be recognized for their long-standing commitment to educational excellence in Northern Kentucky. Fifth Third Bank; Gold Sponsors: Deadline for tickets is March If fear is keeping you from normal, routine dental visits sedation dentistry may be what you need.

Tara Dallmann, DDS is a sedation expert with the training and skill to put even the most anxious patient at ease. Come back to the dentist - your smile will love you for it!

Keep up the good work. DB4E 04, Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 B Allan Seales, M. Welcome spring by celebrating our local birds. Birds are beautiful Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 and can be found in nearly every habitat imaginable.

Learning how to identify them can increase your enjoyment of the natural world. This program includes specimens from the Cincinnati Museum Center's collections of seasonal birds. Seating is limited. Call or e-mail us: Paul W. Arlinghaus, 82, of Erlanger, died March 4. He was the owner of Paul W. Arlinghaus Plumbing Inc. Burial was at Mother of God Cemetery. Augustine Church, Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 Ave. Survivors include his son Ron Jr. Survivors include her son. Elizabeth Edgewood.

Alisa Brewster Alisa L. Brewster, 82, of Crittenden, died March 3, at St. She retired from the Beneficial Insurance Company, was a member of Violet Ridge Church of Christ in Crittenden, past president of Grant County and Crittenden Homemakers, and loved spending time with her kids and at church. Survivors include her husband, John E. Interment was at New Bethel Cemetery in Verona.

Eric Bright Eric S. Bright, 38, of Park Hills, died Feb. Elizabeth Covington. He was a truck driver for Brey Trucking. His father, Raymond Bright, and brother, Timothy Bright, died previously. Terry Brink, 53, died Feb. She was a retired waitress at Fort Mitchell Country Club. Interment was at Highland Cemetery in Fort Mitchell. Dorothy Bruce Memorial Fund, P.

BoxCovington, KY His brothers, Robert and William Buckley, died previously. Survivors include his brother, Paul Buckley of Franklin, Ohio, and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Interment with military honors was at Evergreen Cemetery in Southgate.

Joseph Indian School, P. BoxChamberlain, SDwww. Staff will be on hand to determine eligibility and provide information. There is no charge for this service. She retired as a senior service representative for the Cincinnati Bell Telephone Co. Her husband, Bernard Leonard Budke, died previously. Survivors include her son, Stanley Budke of Clearwater, Fla. Elizabeth Grant County. Burial was at Mason Baptist Church Cemetery. BoxWilliamstown KY He was born in Jensen, Ky.

His sister, Phyllis Day, died previously. She was a homemaker, graduated from Villa Madonna College with a degree in chemistry, and was a member of St. Agnes Church in Fort Wright. Her husband, Raymond Fessler, died previously. Survivors include her daughters, Jane Mitchell of Northridge, Calif. Interment Housewives wants real sex Lakemont at St.

Mary Cemetery in Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 Mitchell. James Findley James T. Elizabeth Fort Thomas. He was a cab driver who also helped the needy with transportation to the grocery and doctor appointments. He was a member of St. Anthony Church in Taylor Mill, was the owner and operator of Mainstay and Jerzees Pub, a member of the TKE Fraternity, active in coaching youth sports, avid UK fan, and enjoyed hunting, fishing and spending time Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 his wife and children.

Travis French Family Education Fund, care of. William Garrison William F. Garrison, 76, of Edgewood, died March 3, at St. He was a Navy veteran, was active in Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 church, Trinity Episcopal, as a photographer, basketball coach, usher and vestry member, and enjoyed Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016. Garrison of Independence, and David Garrison of Latonia; daughter, Cathy Rolfsen of Erlanger; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

He was born in Compton, Calif. Little Post No. Stephen Cemetery in Fort Thomas. Asian girls Castle Dale Utah Hospice, S.

Survivors include his wife, Lona K. See Website for full trampoline guidelines. Taxes, setup, delivery, freight and preparation charges not included. Shown with optional equipment not included in this price. Prices and models may vary by dealer.

Restrictions apply. See dealer for details. Excludes specialty tractors. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. She was born in Frances, Ky. Her sister, Nina Brown, and brother, Rodney Brown, died previously. She worked in several local banks in a clerical capacity.

Survivors include her husband, Edward W. Macht Jr. John Moore John W. Moore, 83, of Bromley, died Feb. Disabled American Veterans, P. He was a head custodian at. Arthur Putthoff Arthur L. Survivors include his wife, Bonnie S.

Miller Putthoff of Bromley; daughter, Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016. Her husband, Donald Robbins, died previously. Mary Cemetery.

He was a technician with Cincinnati Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016, and a steward with Teamsters Local His father, Eugene Smallwood, and brother, Ronnie Smallwood, died previously. Survivors include his mother. Ethan Smallwood Trust Fund, P. BoxWilliamstown, KY He was a veteran of the Korean War, retired sheet metal worker with Local 24 in Cincinnati, and enjoyed car shows, bowling, gardening and his family.

Survivors include his daughters, Susan Parker of Dayton, and Cheryl Dietrich of Taylor Mill; three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He worked for Duke Energy for 34 years as a support repairman, was a member of St.

BoxKodak, TN She attended St. Survivors include her sister-inlaw, Barbara Wilkins; nieces, Sr. Ted Williams Jr. Schools, member of Calvary Baptist Church Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 he was a Sunday School teacher, was instrumental in the creation of Calvary Christian School, member of Moose Lodge and Lions Club and the Campbell County Retired Teachers Association, was inducted into the Northern Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame, was a licensed pilot who loved to fly for many years, was a licensed barber who owned several barber shops, enjoyed golfing, coaching and singing.

His wife, Ruth Williams, died previously. Interment was at Floral Hills Cemetery. Calvary Baptist Church, Tibbatts Ave.

Full text of "Athlete, The"

God helps you establish foundation Jan. I was in the Kroger Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 here in Independence with my mom and sisters. As I walked around that store, I wondered if anyone had any idea of the pain that we were all in especially my Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016. In the days and Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 that lay ahead for my family I anguished over making trips anywhere someone might ask me how I was doing.

On the very day the Burpo family wheeled their sweet 4 year old into a surgery they were unsure he would recover from, we whisked our sweet little 2 year old into a brand new home. New beginnings for us, as a family across the country wondered if this was the end for them. I had a similar experience the afternoon of. Boone still fastest-growing The Home Builders Association Horny girls in Corona Northern Kentucky recently released its data on new home construction and remodeling for Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 Boone County continues to shine as the fastest Beautiful lady looking real sex Kansas City Kansas county as construction of single Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 homes increased 30 percent over Kenton grew a mere 3 percent and Campbell County continued to lose ground over There are fewer new communities in Kenton Coun.

Julie House is a resident of Independence, and founder of Equipped Ministries, a Christian-based health and wellness program. She can be reached at or on Facebook. Only location in Northern KY. Stop in and give us a try! Some restrictions may apply. Call for details. Not valid with any other offers or promotion with existing customers.

Thanks to a dear friend, I had the privilege of meeting the Burpo family last weekend. Yes, she got her picture taken with him, and had her book signed. Covington, KY No Dental Insurance? Ask about our wonderful discount plan!

Used by families, retirees, self-employed… Anyone without dental Hot Girl Hookup Converse Texas 78109 QE"P1 D1: Go to http: Last November, Mayor Chris Wiest broke a tie vote to reduce the size of council from eight members to six members.

He has previously argued that in the past 20 years, that there has been an average of 10 candidates that registered for election to council, resulting in the probability of winning a council seat without doing anything at 80 percent. J -MBM: Reporter Mature Hillsville women making love Schroeder contributed to this article. Sushi Cincinnati B. Supermarket tours focus on diabetes Diabetes educators from the Northern Kentucky Health Department will be participating in supermarket tour to provide real-time nutrition information to those with or at risk for diabetes.

The fair is an effort to promote the importance of early literacy to support 4C for Children. Parents are encouraged to drop in for a tour or call directly to arrange a personal appointment at Ft. Marc Emral, memral communitypress. Melanie Laughman, mlaughman communitypress. He was fouled on the play, and his milestone was announced to applause before he set up for the free throw.

Ultimately, NDA will not return to Wives looking nsa KY Ludlow 41016 Sweet 16 after finishing as state runner-up last season. Thomas More defeated By Adam Turer presspreps gmail. She and Cessie Mayhaus were all-tournament ond half. Dixie finished the seasonlosing the first TMC Continued from Page A7 Thomas More took over the top spot in the final poll of the regular season, is hosting this sectional round of the tournament. Freshman guard Cole VonHandorf had five big buckets and 11 points.

Choose answers. You have to have microscopic vision to tell any difference between these two minority parties; something pointed out by Will Rogers at the time of Herbert Hoover.

E-cigarettes are sometimes marketed as a safer alternative to traditional ciga- rettes because they are smokeless. Nothing can be done to magically solve the problems Washington has created; we need less government, not more. He owns 10 companies. Covington Rotary Club Meeting time: Kenton County Tea Party Meeting time: Rotary Club of Kenton County Meeting time: To end his talk, he James A.

The nearly white colt won his debut by more than 13 lengths at Turfway and then romped again in the Bluegrass Cat Kentucky Cup Juvenile by nearly 14 lengths, also at Turfway. Creamy or chunky potato soup You can eliminate the bacon and use vegetable broth if you like. Guinness float I am not a beer drinker, but my oh my, I like this. FILE PHOTO has been the outreach astronomer for the Cincinnati Observatory since where he has developed his skills as a dynamic public speaker and brings the complicated field of astronomy down to Earth for students of all ages.

The event is free and open to the public.